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May 25, 2017

Introducing On The Go Rehab’s Wellness Packages….

As we age we have to take into consideration the changes that happen to our body;

  • Body composition changes including a reduction in muscle mass, increase in body fat
  • Metabolism slows
  • Reduction in our senses, including vision, hearing and taste.
  • Reduction in bone density
  • Cardiac and Nervous System Changes resulting in memory loss and poor coordination.
  • Lung capacity and function.

These changes can be slowed or even stopped by implementing a preventative program…. but more about that later. First let me introduce On The Go Rehabilitation Services.

On The Go Rehabilitation Services has been providing domiciliary services to the people of Perth since its inception in 2009. Our focus has always been on our clients and how we can keep them independent, mobile and living a genuine quality of life preferably in their own home. To attain these goals we have evolved a team of allied health specialists that include physiotherapy, podiatry, speech pathology and dietetics. Each field offers varying assistance in retaining  and maintaining your independence.

Physiotherapy. Keeps your whole body moving and ensuring you can still do not only the things you need to but also the things you want to do! Our physiotherapists are able to address most issues including but not limited to; orthopaedic (total hip or knee replacements), cardio-respiratory (COPD, CHD), neurological (stroke, brain injury, MS), mobility (falls prevention, mobility aid prescription) and general conditioning.

Podiatry. Keeps your feet healthy. Our podiatrists are able to address common foot problems in addition to general foot care, including nail trimming and footwear recommendations.

Dietetics. Keeps your energy levels at their optimum and your weight within a healthy range by assessing the food that you eat taking into consideration pathologies which may impact on what you can and can’t eat.

Speech Pathology. Keeps you communicating with you family and friends and eating safely with out the concern of choking. Our speech pathologists are able to assist with most communication and/or swallowing pathologies.

The great thing about these services? They come to you! All the therapists are fully equipped to provide all of their services in the comfort of your own home.

Now back to how we can help slow or even stop ourselves from ‘ageing’; Prevention is the key to keeping your independence. Due to this On The Go Rehab has developed the ‘Peace of Mind Wellness Package’ and the ‘Distinguished Wellness Package

Peace of Mind Wellness Package

As the name implies this package has been designed to give you peace of mind. It includes a comprehensive assessment by three allied health members; physiotherapy, podiatry and dietetics.

  • 60 min Physiotherapy Assessment – Mobility and Falls
  • 30 min Podiatry Assessment – Foot care and foot wear
  • 60 min Dietetic Assessment – anthropometrics (height and weight) and nutritional review.
  • A Report that details
    • Findings and recommendations
    • Exercise program or community program suggestions.
    • Dietetic Meal Suggestions
  • One 30min Follow up appointment with Physiotherapist
  • One 30min Follow up appointment with Dietitian.

All for the price of $550

Distinguished Wellness Package

The Distinguished Wellness Package enables you to choose two services from our Allied Health Team that you feel would be most beneficial to maintaining and retaining your independence.

  • A visit from two of our Health professionals:
    • Physiotherapist and Podiatrist
    • Physiotherapist and Dietitian
    • Podiatrist and Dietitian
  • Report that details
    • Findings and recommendations
    • Exercise program or community program suggestions
    • Dietetic Meal Suggestions (if applicable)
  • One 30min Follow up appointment with Physiotherapist (if applicable)
  • One 30min Follow up appointment with Dietitian (if applicable)

All for the price of $480 (or $350 if Podiatry is chosen)

On The Go Rehab is also able to provide Speech Pathology assessments and treatment management. As this is a limited field we do not include it in the packages. If this is a service you are requiring, when selected in addition to one of the packages provided, we can include an initial visit and a follow up for the single fee of $280. This is a 10% discount off our regular fee.

If recommendations indicate further sessions are required we will provide a 10% discount on continuing sessions. Our aim is to keep you independent, mobile and living a genuine quality of life in your own home.

If you are interested in accessing either of these packages with or without Speech Pathology please either discuss this with your case manager or contact us directly here or on info@onthegorehab.com.au or 0429 115 211.