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Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology Perth

With its benign climate and abundant sunshine, Perth is home to some of the most active amateur athletes in the world. It’s not surprising that exercise physiology – the study of the way the body responds to physical exercise – is a growing field in Perth.

Along with our high level of sporting participation, though, goes a high level of sports injury. Injuries stop us doing the sports we love. But worse, because they take us out of action, they can cause our fitness level to deteriorate, and our vulnerability to further injury to rise, in a vicious circle.

That’s where On The Go Rehab comes in. Starting when you are in the very first stages of recovery, and when you may be confined to your home, our exercise physiologist will visit you and work with you to create routines perfectly attuned to your condition that will preserve and reclaim your underlying fitness.

Your fitness is the key to your long-term wellbeing. Don’t let a temporary injury be the start of a lasting deterioration in your health. Talk to On The Go rehab today about a program of visits to your home by one of our exercise physiologists. It could be the best investment you ever made.


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