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What are Bunions?

Bunions are the bumps on the side of the foot that are commonly found at the base of the big toe, but can also occur at the base of the small toe. They are known for being unsightly and painful. Bunions generally develop slowly over time, resulting in changes in the alignment of the joints and creating foot instability.

A bunion develops due to the metatarsal bone moving away from the foot midline. As the metatarsal slowly moves out, the big toe moves in the opposite direction, towards the smaller toes. This misalignment places more pressure on the joint, resulting in arthritic change, as well as irritation and inflammation of the skin and tissues.

What Causes Bunions?

o   Foot biomechanics: certain foot types and shapes can place greater pressure on the joint when walking and standing.

o   Inheritance: foot types are often inherited and thus, the likelihood of developing bunions is higher if other family members have bunions.

o   Foot injuries/ trauma: injuries to the big toe joint can result in bunions.

How Can a Podiatrist Help?

o   Stretching and mobilisation: help maintains joint flexibility.

o   Padding and strapping: relieves pressure and irritation at the joint.

o   Orthotics: reduces certain pressure on the joint when standing and walking.

o   Footwear education: wearing appropriate and supportive footwear can help reduce pressure and irritation on the joint.


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