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With over 55 years of combined clinical experience, all of our therapists are equipped, fully qualified and registered with state regulatory bodies.

Mobile Physiotherapy & Rehab Perth

For almost all of its history, rehabilitative medicine has operated on the “you come to see us” model. Got a bad back? Twisted your ankle on your morning run? Then visit the physio! It doesn’t take a genius to see that, unless you actually live next door to a physio, there’s something wrong with this model. Making people with a debilitating disorder travel several miles to another part of Perth to have a physiotherapist treat it makes no sense at all. And after all, the purpose of rehabilitation services is to rehabilitate – to end the disruption your complaint is bringing into your daily routine and get you back to normal life as soon as possible. So even if your complaint is not one which will be made worse by the journey, simply having to take time out of your day to make the visit, with a – usually inevitable – period of waiting, is taking a step back from the goal of rehab.

On the Go Rehab was established as a mobile physiotherapy service by a group of Perth physios to offer a different and better treatment model. By coming to visit you at home, we not only offer you the convenience of being treated in your own home, but give our therapists the benefit of seeing you in your “natural habitat”. For our therapists, whose approach to treatment is holistic, this has significant benefits in restoring a patient’s normal lifestyle.

Originally formed by a group of professional physiotherapists practising in Perth, the success On the Go Rehab has enjoyed has led to the addition of a wide variety of rehabilitative services. These now include:

Podiatry – if ever there was a field that cried out for a home-treatment model, podiatry is it.

Speech Pathology

Dietetics and nutrition – another field in which the patient’s home environment is an invaluable guide for the therapist.

Occupational Therapy – again, convenience is only the start – practising occupational therapy in the patient’s normal surroundings is so much more beneficial than in the artificial surroundings of a clinic!

Exercise Physiology – being able to visit entire sports teams to deliver advice and therapeutic programs has obvious benefits.

Emergency – experience the peace of mind that comes with having a mobile physiotherapist you can call on when injury strikes.

NDIS, Better Start, DVA and Medicare approved.


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