With over 55 years of combined clinical experience, all of our therapists are equipped, fully qualified and registered with state regulatory bodies.

March 27, 2020


Senior Occupational Therapist

Since completing a Masters of Occupational Therapy Sutides in 2009, I have had the opportunity to work across a wide range of clinical settings including rehabilitation, oncology, palliative care, cardiac and pain management services. I am a passionate and enthusiastic OT who is focused on working with clients to build independence and sustainable therapy outcomes.

My clinical skills include home environment assessment and modification, equipment prescription, functional occupational analysis and treatment, fall prevention, amputee management, cognitive assessment and rehabilitation, and upper limb assessment and therapy.

My main goal as an occupational therapist is to empower clients to achieve increased independence with daily activities and tasks which they enjoy. As an occupational therapist, I am able to achieve this using a holistic approach considering the person, their environment and the activities which they engage in.