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November 02, 2015

Stride for Stroke

The team at On The Go Rehabilitation Services is supporting the November Stride for Stroke. This charity event is hosted by the National Stroke Foundation which is dedicated to raising awareness, preventing stroke, facilitating research, improving treatment and making life better for stroke survivors.

Your donations will make  a huge difference to the state of stroke in Australia. This is how they help…

$25 will allow five stroke patients and their carers to receive an information pack on the first day of their hospital admission, so they better understand their prognosis and treatment

$50 will allow 16 stroke survivors to receive a welcome pack in the mail on their discharge home from hospital, ensuring they can get the support they need to live well after stroke

$75 will help deliver a Strokesafe Ambassdor talk in a local community, delivering live saving messages

$100 will help a qualified health professional answers ten calls, providing a family whose child has had a stroke with support during the critical first year

$250 will help one Australian hospital receive training and advice to ensure they deliver effective information and care planning to all stroke survivors in their care

$500 will help support future research into stroke

$1000 will assist to keep StrokeLine operating for a week, ensuring all callers receive information and advice and support on stroke prevention, treatment and recovery

On The Go Rehab is wanting to raise $1000 minimum but fingers crossed we can contribute more. Please donate kindly to make a difference at:


For more information about the National Stroke Foundation and the Novembers Stride for Stroke please visit the Stroke Foundation’s website.