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June 06, 2019

Simple PT Tips To Help You Conquer Joint Stiffness In Winter!

Are you noticing an increase in body/joint aches? Are your joints sore and muscles, stiff? Are old injuries are becoming increasingly aggravated?


This is common this time of year and thankfully avoidable if you adapt your routine to the changing temperatures. Say goodbye to discomfort with a few minor exercises and tweaks to your routine- small changes that will allow your body to adapt, giving you the best platform for wellness.


The colder temperatures of Winter slow down your blood circulation, which makes it more difficult for oxygenated blood to reach the places where it’s needed and as well, takes more energy to heat your body and your core- couple this with an increase in more sedentary activities (due to the cold) and your body becomes susceptible to aches and stiffness. Old injuries can flame up and movement can feel more strenuous on the body.


Get warm!

Starting with the most obvious tip…

Warming up is the quickest way to combat discomfort or stiffness caused by the colder months- joint pain is almost always in part alleviated by warmth (as a general rule).  In order to conquer this, there’s a pretty simple solution…Movement! Increase in physical activity will encourage blood flow throughout your body, raising your core temperature. Getting your body into its optimal zone where your muscles will be in a more relaxed state.


Light Cardiovascular exercises

are favourable as they offer a wider range of movement and aren’t too strenuous on the body. Walking or bike riding are fantastic ways to ease your body into Winter, the movement will oxidize your blood allowing tension to be released and mobility regained.



This is an extremely effective exercise and can be done from anywhere. Slowly stretching your muscles out and expanding your range of motion will give you greater mobility and encourage blood flow.  You can take your stretching a step further and try some of the many fun and interesting forms of yoga on offer!


Remember to respect your bodies range of motion and allow it time to move, your body will tell you how far it can move- work with it to avoid injury.


Exercise using your own body weight-

Squats, sit ups, push ups and chin ups are all examples of appropriate exercises that can be as intense or as relaxed as you wish. Do them at home very easily and adjust the intensity to your liking.


Dress appropriately when exercising-

This is necessary during winter and during workouts. Don’t be stubborn and force yourself to feel the elements, adapt so that you give yourself a platform for success. While you don’t want to overheat you can wear warmer thicker layers at the beginning of a workout to help your body retain the heat. Once you’re warmed up and have built up a sweat your body will feel comfortable and you can undress into something lighter so that you don’t exhaust yourself. If you have a particular area that stiffens up such as your hands, consider clothing (gloves) that will allow your muscles to retain their heat.


Remember-It’s the cold that causes stiffness so temperature control is paramount to getting over those niggling aches and pains.

Sometimes basic exercises aren’t enough and sometimes you don’t know what ones are appropriate for you- after all, your body unique and everyone’s functions differently.


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