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Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology Perth

Speech is our primary means of communication. Abnormalities of speech constitute a serious social disability, and may result in the sufferer living a tragically isolated life. Speech defects arise from a bewilderingly wide variety of causes, and speech pathology and its remedies are correspondingly broad fields, encompassing a wide range of underlying pathologies. From stammering to the effects of stroke, through to disabilities arising from orthognathic defects,

If you or a loved one is suffering from a speech impediment, you want to know that its treatment is in the best possible hands. And because treating speech pathology is a lengthy process that can span many months or years, the regime of visits to a speech therapist can be extremely challenging. If, for instance, the sufferer is one of a family of children, it’s likely that a series of speech therapy visits will be an addition to the list of demands on an already busy Mum.

There is, though, a better way. Let an On the Go Rehab speech therapist come to you. On the Go Rehab’s professional speech therapists are experts in all aspects of speech pathology, and stay abreast of the latest and most effective treatment modalities. We believe in treating our patients holistically, looking beyond the immediate problem to see the entire picture of a patient’s health, and treating the pathologies that may underlie the speech difficulty.

And because we come to your home to deliver our service, you can schedule our visits to suit your schedule. So if you or a loved one needs speech therapy, call On the Go Rehab to arrange a schedule of visits that suits you and your family.


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